Meet David tribe & his family

Dave, Becky, Patrick, and Jake. They’re a hard working family with awesome spirit and a positive presence in their community and careers that everybody loves! Unfortunately, their lives changed dramatically on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012, when a normally healthy Dave was airlifted from Morris Emergency to Loyola Hospital after physicians discovered an ascending and descending aortic aneurysm in addition to a disconnect in his tissue from his aorta to his lower abdomen. Consequently, he had to undergo 2 critical open-heart surgeries within 24 hours!!! After stabilizing from the first 8 hour surgery in which they installed a St. Jude’s Mechanical Valve, he was rushed in for a second procedure because of excessive bleeding. Fortunately, they found only a small tear that they stitched immediately and we were again very blessed when he returned to the recovery room. At this point, we were then advised that Dave would still have to wake up on his own and be able to come off of the help of several machines, and that all of his organs would need to learn to function together again. Miraculously, with amazing medical treatment and a lot of love, Dave is slowly recovering today.

Although we’ve been quite blessed to still have Dave with us, recovery can be a long road and we want to make it as smooth as possible. Therefore, due to the overwhelming hospital bills and Dave’s uncertainty of when he’ll be returning to work, at this time we would like to ask for your support. So we’ve created Dave’s Road to Recovery Fund and we would be grateful if you’d consider offering a donation that will help us raise money at certain events including the already scheduled October 2013 Benefit & Auction. Any non-tax deductible donation whether monetary or raffle/auction item will be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Also, we thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and as Dave’s niece, a single parent, full-time traveling employee, and Soccer (Basketball, Softball, and Girl Scout) Mom, I fully understand that your time is valuable!

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